International Services



Conquest Consultation and Security Ltd are a customer focused UK based risk management and security company, who provide a professional and innovative range of; security, risk management and logistical services and solutions to its clients in environments ranging from; remote physically challenging high risk locations, to high profile corporate consultation events.

Having held senior positions with international companies and NGOs operating in Libya, the Conquest Libya Team has shown itself to have the proven ability and experience to deliver the services and solutions that major international clients demand.


Members of the Conquest Libya Team have current experience of supporting international clients from the following sectors operating in Libya:

  • Media Teams
  • Oil and Gas Companies
  • NGOs
  • Financial Institutions
  • Telecommunications and Tracking
  • Training and Service Providers
  • International Brands



Embedded Security Advisers and Managers


Conquest’s embedded Security Advisers and Managers bring with them a vast depth of experience in managing complex security operations impacting multiple stakeholders. Key areas of experience include:


  • Initial Deployment and Start-ups.
  • Security and Risk assessments.
  • Crisis and incident Response and Management.
  • Drafting and Implementing; Security, Contingency and Incident Management Plans.
  • Production of briefings and reports for senior in-country and regional management.
  • Management of local; security, operations and transport assets.
  • Draw downs and Evacuations.


Executive Protection Services


Conquest’s executive protection services are tailored to meet its client’s requirements, preferences or unique circumstances. All of our Executive Protection Officers are fully licenced, highly trained as a first responder and vetted with both male and female EPO’s to suit your preference. With additional training all of our EPO’s operate in a low profile and unobtrusive manner.


Additional services that are also provided are:
  • Accommodation Booking
  • Airport Transfers
  • Armoured Vehicle Hire
  • Medical Support
  • Political and Economic Reports
  • Risk Management
  • Surveillance and Investigation Capabilities
  • Terms of Service Provision
  • Training for Clients in Libya
  • Translation Services
  • Visa and Ticket Processing